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This assembly of believers was first organized on March 31, 1883 as “The Regular Baptist Church of Dillon, Montana.” For years it was just called “The Baptist Church.” In 1948 the church officially incorporated with the name of “First Baptist Church of Dillon, Montana.” In its over 120 year history the church has had 33 different pastors. Some ministered for just a brief time in Dillon, while the longest term of service was for 17 years.

In its early years the church was under the support and missionary help of the Northern Baptist Convention. However as religious liberalism progressed the congregation chose to associate with the Inter-Mountain Baptist Fellowship. This fellowship of likeminded independent churches remains firm in their adherence to the fundamental Christian doctrines of the Word of God.

By the grace of God, First Baptist still serves the community of Dillon and visitors are always honored guests. We are eager to share with you and your family the Lord’s blessing on our congregation. We believe that God has called this church into existence to minister to the spiritual needs of this community. If we can be of any help by visiting or praying with you, please feel free to call on any of us at any time.

We at First Baptist recognize God’s faithfulness over these many years. By God’s grace we endeavor to be faithful until our Lord’s return.

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